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"The short and sweet reason is simply this: XHTML offers no compelling advantage — to me — over HTML, but even if it did it would also offer increased complexity and uncertainty that make it unappealing to me." (via)

I share the same reasoning as to why I prefer HTML to XHTML. No need to argue it, really, it's a personal preference and I will never use the supposed advantages. I already have other tools to do those jobs with plain HTML.

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Cameron Moll's Mobile Web Design as a discounted price

"In light of yesterday’s introduction of iPhone 3G, I remain convinced the mobile web’s future is incredibly promising. So, for the remaining lot of you whom are still holding out to to embrace the mobile web, I’m offering special discount pricing on my book, Mobile Web Design." (via)

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XHTML is a joke

In a recent post entitled XHTML is a joke, Felix gives his reasoning as to why he feels XHTML is more of a hype.

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