September 2011 Entries

Run your own race

you're dependent on competition then you're counting on the quality of those that show up to determine how well you'll do. Worse, you've signed up for a career of faux death matches as the only way to do your best work. Seth Godin

How Instagram stays focused

In other words, Instagram has not added any new features with this “largest revamp” to the product. They’ve simply improved what they have to make it even easier and faster to share pictures. Joshua Porter

After the hype

The shiny new toy syndrome lasts a month or two at best these days and then the hot new app crowd moves on. In the wake of that you will have built a base of loyal users who will be a fraction of your total users. 30% is a good number. If you kept more than that, you are doing great. If you kept 10% or less, you've got serious problems. In between those numbers is where most entrepreneurs land after the hype is over. Fred Wilson


When a project launches or an assignment wraps up, it's tempting to avoid the post-mortem meeting. Tempting because it feels like a downer, a place to identify mistakes, bury errors and mourn the passing of a project.

Perhaps it's more interesting to think of it as a pre-natal meeting instead... After all, the doors you just shut lead to open ones right down the road. Seth Godin