September 2010 Entries

SG: What happened to labor?

Companies that race to the bottom in terms of the skill or cost of their labor end up with nothing but low margins. The few companies that are able to race to the top, that can challenge workers to bring their whole selves--their human selves--to work, on the other hand, can earn stability and growth and margins. Improvisation still matters if you set out to solve interesting problems.

The future of labor isn't in less education, less OSHA and more power to the boss. The future of labor belongs to enlightened, passionate people on both sides of the plant, people who want to do work that matters. Seth Godin

Customers as guests

Invited guests are something unique…they are people who may be strangers but for whom we want to show a really great time because we’re hosting the party.

So a question for this week: Are you talking about your customers in a way that distances them, or in a way that brings them closer? 52 Weeks of UX

A List Apart: Strategic Content Management

Jonathan Kahn talks strategic content management in the new issue of A List Apart:

Any web project more complex than a blog requires custom CMS design work. It’s tempting to use familiar tools, and try to shoehorn content in—but we can’t select the appropriate tool until we’ve figured out the project’s specific needs.

He then goes on to say:

Most of the time we select a CMS by popularity, cultural affiliation, or corporate edict—that is, without properly considering the content we’re supposed to be publishing. This is crazy. Instead, we should use a design process to select and customize a CMS, based on our content strategy and the editorial team’s needs. Jonathan Kahn, A List Apart #313

This article echos my sentiments on CMS's, and how we need to stop shoehorning a client's data structure into our boxed solutions. (Emphasis added by me)