The goal shouldn't be to have a lot of people to yell at, the goal probably should be to have a lot of people who choose to listen. Don't need a bullhorn for that. – Seth Godin

Twitter sometimes feels like the new MySpace—get as many friends as you can in order to be popular. We all know we can't possibly manage relationships with everyone on Twitter, but just as with your web traffic, you want to focus on the people that want to listen to you.

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  1. Josh Walsh January 31st, 2010

    I was just having this conversation with the Brads, but about blog content. Blog content is written for large numbers of readers, not specific human beings.

    Smashing Magazine has a plethora of easy to consume content. Content that is fun to consume, even if it doesn't really contain much value. Top 10 lists, and mindless tutorials that are created as "link bait" to attract as many people as possible.

    Since this content is mindless, the comments are also mindless. "First to comment!" or "Thx, Good Read!" or "Awesome, checkout my German Hamster Viagra Blog"

    While I certainly understand that volumes of people are good for advertising revenue, I believe you should focus on engaging with real people. I believe you can have a larger impact on the blogosphere with a smaller readership that you can engage in real conversation with.

    Twitter is no different.

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