In the process of adding more whitespace to my life, I have been pruning my feeds and cutting back the time I spend reading them. This is why I am late to the game of reading Derek Featherstone's recent posts that hit very close to home.

Boxes must go. You know how you want to draw attention to something in a design? You draw a box around it. Then, you want to draw attention to something else and you draw a box around it too. Pretty soon everything has a box around it. And when everything has a box around it, nothing does. Don’t draw attention to or separate various aspects of your life with boxes. Separate them with whitespace. Derek Featherstone

He goes on to say:

Like the elements of a great design the elements of your life don’t need a visual treatment. They just need some room to stand on their own. The elements of your life need more whitespace. Derek Featherstone

This was a response to a previous post he wrote, entitled What Gives?. Both are excellent reads.

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  1. Cory November 3rd, 2009

    Omg. Thank you for this post. Couldn't agree more.

  2. Terry Young November 6th, 2009

    White Spaces in my life is such a new idea - a new way of living my day. And I thought it was just my idea in the past few days. All about the collective unconscious, I guess. Thank you for these quotes and reflections which are a great beginning for me.

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