"Some critics matter. (Your biggest customer, for example). Some are merely loud. Others are just difficult." via

This is something at the foreground when I do reviews. The review itself is not about complaining about the content in a global scope. For example, my review of a book will likely differ from your review of a book. That doesn't make me wrong and you right. What it does is help frame the research for the end user. My review is telling you about what I received given my context (experience level, day-to-day workflow, etc), and then you can take that and apply that as necessary. This is why I removed star ratings on Nate Klaiber Book Reviews. I am not a critic. I am not here to point out the minor flaws. I am about seeing through that and relaying what knowledge was gained. It's also not just about my context, but it's about the context of the book. Who was it written for? Why was it written? Who is the author? All of these pieces are vital to a useful review - not just a critique. Just some of my thought process.

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  1. Brad C August 14th, 2009

    Funny, I read that yesterday and totally thought of your book reviews.

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