Well, I took the test today and passed. I wish you received more details from the test, but I guess this will do.

I thought the study guide and practice test were great preparation for the exam, even though it was weighted heavier in certain subjects.

And, as a correction to my previous post — I am now the 8th ZCE in Ohio.

Up next: MySQL Certification.

Edit: Zend Yellow Pages Listing

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  1. Greg Vennerholm April 27th, 2006

    Congratulations! Now go outside and play...

    // venny

  2. Nate Klaiber April 27th, 2006

    Thanks - I will get out and play for a while. Well, we are moving - so I get to play and paint in our new apartment - still fun nonetheless!

  3. Aaron Boeving April 25th, 2006


  4. Percy April 26th, 2006

    Way to go Nate!

  5. Greg Vennerholm May 1st, 2006

    Oh, the joys of painting... I hope the move goes well. (We always end up losing stuff...)

  6. Nate Klaiber May 1st, 2006

    Well - somewhere out there - we have a missing coffee pot and an array of things for our kitchen.

    Im sure it will show up sometime. ha.

    Other than that, all moved in - now comes the time to organize.

  7. Nathan Smith May 5th, 2006

    Man, I'm late to the party again. Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment, and I'm green with envy / jealousy. I just wish I was more of a hardcore programmer, and not so much of a dabbler.

  8. Valerie November 7th, 2007

    Congratulations back at ya.

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